Tomna for Agricultural Investment is an agricultural investment and agri-food trading company, we are primarily involved in the growing and processing of premium quality fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; encompassing farming, grading, sorting, packing, and retail packaging, leveraging an integrated platform extending from farming to logistics, delivery, and export. Within the agriculture market, we are specialized leaders in growing and producing garlic, offering a variety of the finest fresh and dry garlic produce alongside a wide variety of other fruits and vegetables.

We are strategically located in Central Egypt giving us the geographic advantage of being an export hub, enabling our delivery to customers worldwide. Tomna is now also located in Chile, which is the opposite season of Egypt, offering prolonged harvesting seasons and continuous freshness of crops. Tomna is able to control its product’s quality directly and ensures healthy and timely execution of inter-continental deliveries, positing our label at top-tier wholesalers and retailers in EU, MENA, East Asian, and American markets.

At Tomna we constantly optimize our advanced methods and techniques in planting, harvesting, and post-harvesting to ensure quality crop yield.


We Made It


Tomna realized early that Egypt, being one of the top producers of garlic worldwide, and with its resources in terms of primary location, perfect soil, balanced weather, water availability, and other environmental factors, put it up to be one of the world’s main export hubs; at the time, there was evident underdevelopment in the industry of garlic agricultural exportation, in Egypt specifically. Tomna is a joined stock company, with local partners who have professional expertise in various aspects of the industry, and continues to prosper over the years due to our professional teams’ combined industry experiences used for the benefit of our processes and techniques. Tomna has successfully initiated and maintained sustainable collaborations with 12 countries exporting our year-round fresh produce to them.

Tomna and its local partners are passionate about providing our customers with the finest garlic whenever it is needed. We go above and beyond to ensure a year-round supply of garlic and worldwide delivery. We made it our mission to provide the world with the flavor of our garlic year-round, with a passion for quality and consistency that guides all that we do.
Tomna chose Chile as it offers us a geographic competitive advantage due to its opposite harvesting seasons than Egypt, thus, providing our customers with year-round garlic produce availability abiding by our main mission.
Tomna does not only provide customers with exceptionally fresh and frozen produce delivered right to them, but we also offer customers a sustainable relationship with commitment, innovation, consistency, balance, and integrity.

Corporate Social



When Tomna was initiated, Tomna’s owners worked hand in hand with our on-ground team in fields and packhouses at Al Minya, Southern (Upper) Egypt. Upper Egypt has several underdeveloped areas, this was a whole new experience for Tomna’s owners and local partners, in terms of understanding culture and tradition. Tomna’s owners and local partners collectively decided they wanted to take responsibility for the community and pledged to give back to the community that makes us who we are. A percentage of all Tomna’s profits go directly to schools around our fields and packhouses in Upper Egypt and are dedicated to aiding in providing educational resources needed at the schools in hopes of a better future for the children.

For Tomna, a successful business is a sustainable one. We aim for our products to not only serve our customer’s needs but to correspond directly to a better and more sustainable community around us and a general contribution to a better world. As we study Mother Earth further throughout our production process and understand the importance of what we have, we increase our focus on sustainable decision-making throughout our processes for the community and the environment.


Tomna believes in its product contribution to the benefits of human health and does not disregard the impact of production on our environment. Tomna holds strong beliefs in terms of environmental sustainability and acknowledges the responsibility we have as producers in minimizing the environmental impact of production, this is why we dedicate our team’s efforts to the development of methods that would decrease the environmental impact of production. In regards to minimizing environmental impact, Tomna focuses its efforts on saving water, a decrease of food waste, and minimal chemical usage in processes. We use drip irrigation systems during our processes to decrease the possibility of any water loss, and save as much water as possible. At Tomna, we strive to limit food waste along different steps of our process chain, we do this by elaborating quality control regulations that maintain the food waste level to a minimum and also through the usage of products that could be wasted as a byproduct. We have also tailored our methods to minimal use of pesticides, decreasing the chemical usage within our processes to almost none.

At Tomna we constantly optimize our advanced methods and techniques in planting, harvesting, and post-harvesting to ensure quality crop yield.


Toma’s workforce is located across underdeveloped areas in Egypt, our fields and packhouses offer a variety of work opportunities for underprivileged youth and young adults through the employment of more than 300 people. For Tomna, creating good living and working conditions is essential to our business; it is always in our top priorities to have sustainable livelihood for all, as we create good living and working conditions for the team behind growing, harvesting, and packaging of our product.

Meet theTeam

Together, we grow

Tomna’s team work in collaboration with a mutual interest in ensuring quality products and a healthy work environment for all. We recognize and appreciate what we achieve together as it rewards our team’s commitment and hard work; we do not stop at solely producing, supplying, and delivering products, we as a team, continue to innovatively develop our processes and techniques constantly. We are one family with a strong passion for what we do as we do it with pride and joy in the final quality of our products and our long-term collaborations with customers.


Vision Explore

We aim at becoming one of the top globally impacting food companies enriching consumers’ lives with healthy, high-quality, and innovative products.


Mission Explore

Tomna strives to achieve its full potential in food growing and exporting, with a relentless determination to quality, service, availability, efficiency, and innovation in our services. We devote our professional team’s efforts to maintaining long-term sustainable quality and value for all, our customers, employees, partners, and society as a whole.


Values Explore

  • Commitment
  • Collaboration
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Innovation



At Tomna, it is needless to say that the food products you purchased would always meet the best quality and food safety standards. This is why Tomna is keen on maintaining up-to-date knowledge of food safety regulations worldwide and ensures obtaining needed certifications to provide retailers, wholesalers, and consumers with the assurance of Tomna’s product safety.
We are committed to maintaining the highest level of hygiene and quality by regular training of our staff; we also keep track of the history and rotation of our fields and conduct microbiological analyses on our crop pre- and post-harvest. Our planting techniques include proper and minimal use of fertilizers and our water reservoirs are controlled and reviewed regularly to affirm the microbiological quality of the water and that our crops are being properly irrigated. At Tomna we hold full responsibility, towards our customers, in terms of ensuring that all food safety regulations are met throughout our production processes.



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